November 17, 2010

20 Years as a Church Family

November 17, 2010
On Sunday, November 14th, we celebrated our twentieth anniversary as a church. In April of 1989 the church began meeting, and in November of 1990 we were formally chartered and organized as a self-sustaining church.

We enjoyed a special time Sunday night watching a video chronicling our history as a church family, complete with pictures and video testimonials. Overall the day was truly a time to remember God's faithfulness to this body as He has built His church.

It is amazing to think how over the last twenty years God has used this body to draw men to Himself, to see believers discipled, marriages restored, missionaries sent, churches planted, and new leaders raised up. We know that all of this is evidence of God's grace, and proof that He is at work.

Our prayer is that the work of the ministry would not stop here, but that the next twenty years would be even more fruitful as we continue to grow and change into the church God wants us to be.