February 3, 2012

Free Song "Praise for the Incarnation"

February 3, 2012
Although John Newton is mostly known for penning the words to "Amazing Grace", he was a prolific and deeply theological writer. His understanding of the gospel was something that moved him and flowed through his pen in words of praise. He truly believed that he owed all his hope and joy "to His birth and cross and shame."

On Christmas morning we were blessed to have Audrey Waddell and Cole Strehlow sing for us a text written by John Newton in 1779 that Cole had put to music this past year (along with adding some lyrics).  Following that service, Logan Blackburn was willing to have several people come to his home to record the song so we could give it away. We hope that it will be blessing and help you to meditate on God's gracious provision of Christ as a substitute to take the punishment for those who repent and believe (2 Corinthians 5:21).

 You can listen to Praise for the Incarnation below and download it as well.

You can also download the zip package with the mp3, chord chart and lead sheet.

Praise for the Incarnation
Words by John Newton (1779)
Music & Additional Words by Cole Strehlow (2011)

1. Sweeter sounds than music knows
Charm me in Emmanuel's name
All her hopes my spirit owes
To his birth and cross and shame

2. When he came the angels sung
"Glory be to God on high!"
Lord unloose my stammering tongue
Who should louder sing than I?

Here desire of nations born
Counselor! Most wonderful
Come that his own flesh be torn
Won for us our joys untold

3. Did the Lord a man become
That he might the law fulfill
Bleed and suffer in my room
And canst thou my tongue be still?

4. No I must my praises bring
Though worthless are and weak
For should I refuse to sing
Sure the very stones would speak!

Final Chorus:
Oh my Savior, Shield, and Sun
Shepherd, Brother, Husband, Friend
Every precious name in one
I will love thee without end!

© 2011 Cole Strehlow
Recording -  Logan Blackburn
Vocals - Audrey Waddell and Cole Strehlow
Guitars - Cole Strehlow and JD Summers
Bass - Mike Summers
Percussion - Ben Summers and JD Summers
Artwork -  Phillip Palmer