April 6, 2012

March Missions Update

April 6, 2012

Roger and Crystal Johansen

What a great time with Countryside and our Brazilian pastors! During three weeks in March, Roger and several Brazilian leadership went to the States and participated in a pastors conference, and three different church events. What a joy to see the Brazilian leadership serving and being encouraged more in their walk and faith. Thanks once again to all who prayed and helped this trip be a success.

While in the States, Crystal worked hard with the ministry. Everything went really well. Matter of fact our first Sunday back and we were packed with people; which is a good problem, for we need more space or a good air conditioner. Also, we were thrilled to see Fred and Emanuella at church for the first time. They shared that they will come every Sunday. Pray for them to truly understand God's word and trust in our Lord and Savior.

Pray for our youth to grow. Especially pray for Adriana and family. Adriana's husband, Roberto, is not saved and likes to keep them from church. Pray for Roberto to get saved and for the family to come faithfully to church.

Pray for Karla, Carlos and Vivi's salvation. They used to study the Word and may start up again. May God open more doors.

Pray for our men and especially Joao de Deus, as we need to develop leadership to continue this church plant. May God develop our men to lead biblically.

Pray for the work in Arapiraca as they are wanting to buy land, but needing wisdom. Pray for Pastor Aerzio to learn how to wait on the Lord and be humble to follow him. Pray for Roger as he goes out there monthly to teach and counsel.

Brazil Gospel Fellowship is our Mission's name and it is a true joy to serve with them. Crystal and I are responsible for a Conference with BGFM in October; so we have been researching and looking up places to stay for the group. Pray that God takes care of all the details from who will lead the kids ministry at that conference, place, transportation, etc.

Health wise, Crystal has had several exams and we are waiting for results. Pray for the doctors to know exactly what it is and what to do. Pray for Roger's health too.

As shared it has been the year of everything breaking in the home as well as some bones. It looks like our stove is breaking now.

Wanda, Crystal's mom, seems to be adjusting to her new place in the Columbus area. Praise the Lord for Crystal's cousin, Connie, as she has been a big help in helping Wanda to adjust. Pray for Wanda to get settled and into her routine and there is a Bible church near her that would be good for her to go to and hear the Word.

Thanks so much for your prayers and cares, and please pray for Easter outreach and that Christ be exalted.

Brian and Danyel Warne

We were hoping to have one bedroom and one functioning bath done to have a clean place to stay at least part of the week by now, but the floor in that room had to be torn back out do to cracking in the top layer of colored cement. It is being corrected maƱana and the rest of the house should no have the same problem since it was done differently. It was really the only problem we have had thus far, so we are really pleased with our entire team of workers.

Thankfully we are getting a lot closer each day. Being a pastor/teacher/counselor AND contractor/plumber/electrician/building materials price negotiator are is a few too many hats to wear long term. Especially since the HUSBAND/Father department seems to be getting squeezed out some as I leave so early and get home so late. Thankfully Danyel and I have had a recent opportunity where we were able to spend the whole day together running errands etc. but time to talk and hold hands. So, you can pray for me as I seek to better balance time and energies over these next weeks.

This moth Norberto and I ministered together in a church in Los Mochis as they celebrated their 53rd. anniversary. I believe that it is the oldest evangelical church there (a Baptist congregation in the heart of the downtown area). He and I preached and were able to baptize four new believers. Their own pastor is an older man bound to a wheelchair, so he could not baptize them himself. Pray that the Lord would use us to be an encouragement to this pastor and congregation.

Pray for Chala. She will be wearing a neck brace for at least 5 weeks because of whiplash received when she took a fall at home. “not working” and “taking it easy” are not part of her vocabulary..... but then again I understand as I am not a very obedient patient myself.

Lastly pray for Jorge and Ilce. She is the “professing” believer in the marriage and doesn’t seem near a dedicated to reconciliation as her lost husband who by the way has been very faithfully attending church and meeting with me regularly. The have three young children. Pray for salvation. First reconciliation needs to be made with the Lord for real and lasting change to happen.

Thanks so much for your prayers!