May 3, 2012

April Missions Update

May 3, 2012

Brian and Danyel Warne

These past six months have been some of the busiest we have had since moving to Mexico in 1999.  It has been a blessing to see how the Lord is at work to prepare the way for us to finally move to Mochicahui so that we can live in the community where the Lord has us serving, but it has also required a great deal of work.  Carrying out the responsibilities of full time pastoral ministry while also wearing the hat of a contractor, plumber, electrician, etc. has kept me pulled in many directions.  We had hoped to be fully moved in by now, but there are still a lot of walls to frame, sheetrock to hang and painting to get finished.  Nevertheless, we have been staying part of the week there and are planning to go ahead and move a lot more stuff this next week while we have the help of Travis Jacobs who will be joining us for about ten days.

Please pray with us for things to come together as quickly as possible, for reduced back pain and strength, resources to purchase and install air conditioning units, and most of all for balancing time between construction, family and ministry.

By the way, if there is anyone who would like to come down and bless a missionary family with some skills and labor, just let me know. We could especially use some help doing some framing and sheetrock work before we will be able to move my study to the new house.

Amy continues to study photography and is ministering to Pastor Norberto and Carmen’s family by homeschooling Rebeca and doing English classes with Elda.  She also was recently able to change her visa classification in order to earn income while living in Mexico, so she has been selling bake goods in the town market a couple of days per week.

Please pray with us as she works out her plans to continue working and serving in Jahuara 2 at least part of the week after we move to Mochicahui.

Both Jahuara 2 and Mochicahui are active centers for traditional Mayo Indian beliefs.  The recent pagan celebrations that filled “Holy Week” with the sounds of drums and sights of demonic looking masked dancers referred to as “Jews” served as a reminder of the stronghold of idolatry that continues to captivate the minds of spiritually blinded people who desperately need the Lord.

Please continue to pray that the Lord would use His Word to penetrate hearts and minds with the Truth of the gospel granting life to His elect among the Mayos in order that they might see Jesus as He truly is and repent of their sins placing their trust in Him alone.

This week we enjoyed a visit to the home of Martin and Martha who have been attending our church since last fall.  They will be presented for membership this Sunday.  Also, Brenda, a young mother of three spoke with me on Sunday concerning her desire to be baptized.  Her twelve year old daughter is eager to start assisting those who are teaching children.  Another young couple who have been attending some on Wednesdays also indicated their desire to come back this coming Sunday.  Aris, has recently preached two messages and is continuing to mature in his ability to communicate the Word of God.  

Please pray with us for the Lord’s ministries in Mochicahui through the local church and in our new neighborhood.

Over the past few days the Mexican military and other law enforcement were involved in a fierce gun battle in mountains of northern Sinaloa.  This as well as recent killings of young men in Mochicahui and the police chief in nearby El Carrizo serve as reminders of the casualties surrounding those involved with the drug cartels and those who are serving to combat them.    

Please continue to pray for the Lord to use the continued unrest of the ongoing drug wars as a catalyst to turn people to the true security found in Jesus Christ.

Later this month we will be making a quick trip to Show Low, AZ to participate in their missions convention.

Please pray with us for time to prepare for what we will be sharing, to be used to motivate and encourage the church body there, and for this to be a time of refreshment for Danyel and I as we enjoy a few days with our friends in the pines and the White Mountains. Pray also for Antonio and Francisco as they will be teaching and preaching on the Wednesday and Sunday that I am away.

Thank you for your prayers and sacrifices to assist us in proclaiming the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ among the Mayos.

Your fellow servants,

Brian, Danyel & Amy

Roger and Crystal Johansen

Praise the Lord for His goodness!

We constantly see the goodness of God in the midst of the work in northeast Brazil.  Our co-worker, Pastor Aerzio, is weekly ministering to over six hundred students at a local school in Arapiraca.  Pray for Pastor Aerzio to see fruit, and to remain faithful.  I used to go out to Arapiraca every week to help in that ministry but now I just go once a month.  What a joy to go once a month and teach there.

Pastor Eriomar’s work in Maceio just had two people profess Christ.  The area of Maceio that he is working is called Clima Bom.  The church of Clima Bom has been growing with outreach, and it is a joy to train their future leadership.  Pray that God give me wisdom as I teach in the seminary there and that the men studying will be faithful and useful to the Master.

Pastor David is working in Maceio in an area called Village Campestre 2.  He also has a good work going on and I have the joy of training some of his leadership.  Pray for Gersom to found faithful in his studies.
As we teach and train new leadership, I am burdened for our Brazilian brothers to develop a broader perspective on world missions.  We are planning on a mission trip to Portugal next year.  We are planning a special mission conference in June.  Pray that God would work in rising up more workers to reach here and the world.  I believe that Brazilians have a better access to the world than Americans.  They are more welcomed, but the financial base of the church is very limited, so pray as we seek to challenge young men to become missionary doctors, etc… I would hope to see young people desiring not to get rich in this world but to be rich in the world to come; that they may use their profession to be a bridge to get them into other lands with the gospel.  We shall see what God does.

The work we are currently in is called the Ponta Verde work.  It is a part of Maceio with a great need.  We are thrilled for the couples that have recently visited us.  Pray for Fred and Emanuella to truly know the Lord and serve Him faithfully.  Pray for God to continue to grow our little church plant spiritually and numerically.  I am thankful for Joao de Deus in our church.  He is studying to be the pastor of the church and seeks to grow zealously.  Pray for him and his wife Sancha.

Family-wise, as shared it has been a year of everything breaking in our home; as well as bones and body.  Pray for Crystal as she does a minor surgery this month of May.  She has almost finished all her preliminary exams for surgery.  Before surgery we will do a short trip for our 20th anniversary.  Pray for God to continue to bless our marriage.

Thanks for your prayers and cares,

Roger for all