December 12, 2012

December Missions Update

December 12, 2012

Roger and Crystal Johansen

Feliz Natal....Merry Christmas! We had our special Christmas outreach and ninety-nine people showed up! That was great for our Ponta Verde work. We are so thankful for the different ones that worked hard to do this special outreach. It was a joy to see the church function. Please be praying for those who heard the gospel, that God would save them and bring them to serve in the Ponta Verde church.

Let me give you some names of some dear souls that need the Lord's salvation: Claudio, Teresa, Mae da Clara, Lourdes, Fred, Manu, Ines, Ines jovem, Ailton, Carlos, Dalva, Joselito and Carla.

We are thankful for the new building that the Arapiraca work is in. They had a special service that quite a lot of people from the neighborhood came out to attend. Pastor Aerzio called me and said that he is having visitors all the time now in his services. Keep praying for God to build that church.

Speaking of buildings, keep praying for God to guide us to the right next building. We are seeking a place that will fit our growth and reach our area.

We are still without a car. The part that Nissan ordered arrived as the wrong part so they are ordering the "right" one now. Hopefully by next week we should have our car back. Praise the Lord for Elias, a man in our church, that has been providing us with a car. It only sits five people so we make extra trips with our family size. Pray for God to protect and provide for us with this area of transportation.

Much to praise Him for! Keep on keeping on in your prayers,

Lord bless,
Roger for all

Brian and Danyel Warne

Long before the sun rose this morning we began hearing the sounds of explosions. Unlike the
regular sounds of gunfire so commonly heard in our pueblo reminding us of the continued battle
being waged by the military against the local drug cartel forces, this morning’s explosions were
celebratory. They continued for hours and were followed by the sounds of marching bands
that began playing at sunrise. All of this to begin a day of idolatrous worship of Mary here in

Today is the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe here in Mexico. That is the name that was given
to Mary after a supposed appearance by her to an Indian peasant many years ago. Her image is
painted on the sides of building and mountains throughout the country, and during December
her picture is hung on the front of houses being decorated with Christmas lights and it is carried
through the streets followed by her faithful worshippers. At the entrance of the cathedral bearing
her name in Mexico City she is called “Mother of God & Co-Redeemer in glory.” As if that is
not blasphemous enough, in common practice she treated as the supreme god of Mexico.

Please continue to pray with us for the light of God’s Word to penetrate the darkness - that sight
would be granted to many now so blinded by idolatry, that they may see Jesus as He truly is
revealed in His Word and come to worship Him by faith from repentant hearts.

This has been a very busy year. It began with a trip to Texas to bring our little Rebeca back
home to Jahuara after five years of treatment to eliminate a brain tumor. Norberto is pastoring
the church there and enjoying having his family together. Pray for them as Rebeca will likely
undergo a surgery next year to slow down the curvature of her spine.

We have been blessed with the near completion of the construction of our new house in
Mochicahui and with its use by the Lord to open up new opportunities for the proclamation of
the gospel here in this place that we call home. This summer we hosted over one hundred people here for
a special Sunday service, seven baptisms, and dinner with a sister church where had the privilege of
baptizing a mother and daughter from Iglesia Bíblica Palabra de Cristo, our small but growing
church family here in Mochicahui.

It has been exciting to see young men that come from various parts of Mexico to study at the
Indian college here come and spend evenings in our home that in evitable lead to late nights
discussing the Bible’s teachings and proclaiming the gospel of our Lord. And on the 31st of this
month we will be hosting church family and friends to pray in the New Year and celebrate our
26th wedding anniversary.

In answer to many years of prayer, Chala’s husband Antonio who worked with me a lot on the
house has been faithfully attending church and is beginning to affirm the truths of the Word.
Martin and Martha have begun assisting us with music for the Wednesday evening Bible Studies
and prayer meetings. We are building relationships with our new neighbors and seeking to be
used by the Lord to make a greater impact in the lives of others here where we live.

Danyel’s foot is continuing to heal slowly from torn ligaments, although she still is experiencing
pain. She has enjoyed stenciling walls, making curtains, and doing other things in our new
home. She has also been developing a stronger relationship with some young moms in our

Amy is living here Mochicahui, continuing her correspondence studies in photography, and
serving the Lord. Her boyfriend, Arquímedes, received his first teaching assignment this fall in
a school near Jahuara. He will know later this month whether or not that will become permanent
of if he will be transferred after the first of the year. Daniel and Mariana continue to serve the
Lord in the church plant in Ottawa, KS. We enjoyed seeing them briefly this fall as
well as seeing our Countryside family.

Please pray with us as plans are being finalized for a January work project with a mission team
from Calvary Baptist Church in Show Low, AZ. There are also a young single, a couple, and
a family all prayerfully planning visits during the next year. Maybe the Lord would have you
consider making a trip to Sinaloa to serve alongside us as well.

Please continue to pray for opportunities to proclaim Christ among the people where we serve.
Pray for our upcoming special Christmas service, next month’s combined service with a church
plant from another pueblo, and for other ministries that we are eager to develop in 2013.

May you all experience a very Christ-filled Christmas and exciting new year of growth in our

Your fellow servants,

Brian & Danyel