August 20, 2013

New Song: Praise the Lord (Psalm 117)

August 20, 2013
As Christians, our response to the salvation God has accomplished for us through Christ can only be worship (Romans 12:1-2).

At our Junior Camp this year we learned a new song called Praise the Lord (Psalm 117) and sang it each night in response to what Pastor Bryan Neal was teaching us from Romans 8. This is a song we are planning to incorporate into our worship on Sunday mornings at Countryside as well. It is a good thing to sing songs in corporate worship that are shaped by scripture, and even better to sing songs that are actually pulled directly from scripture! While the verses in this song were written in 2013, the The refrain in this song is taken from Psalm 117, which says:
Praise the LORD, all nations!
Extol him, all peoples!
For great is his steadfast love for us,
and the faithfulness of the LORD endures forever.
Praise the LORD! 

The exhortation of this psalm is to praise God, and the reason why we should do this is made clear: because of his steadfast love for us. This is the song of the redeemed, the joyful proclamation of those who have experienced the love God has shown through Christ. We encourage you to learn this song so you can participate fully with us in singing praise to our Savior on Sunday mornings.

Praise the Lord (Psalm 117)
Words and Music: Jered McKenna, 2013

Praise the Lord all you nations
extol him all you peoples,
for great is his love for us

Praise the Lord he is faithful
His love endures forever
and great is his love for us.

1. Sing a song of praise to God enthroned on high,
Bow before the King of the angels,
His mercy and His love, his justice will be known,
lift a song of praise to the Lord!

2. Boldly shout his praise for he has rescued us,
Sin and death no more can enslave us.
His beauty and his pow'r, displayed at Calvary,
lift a song of praise to the Lord!

Copyright 2013 Jered McKenna.
from Hallel Psalms, released 09 March 2013
Psalm 117 Words and Music: Jered McKenna, 2013
(c) 2013