October 1, 2013

Back Home in Mochicahui

October 1, 2013
We arrived home in Mochicahui Friday evening, concluding five weeks of ministry in the U.S., spending time serving the Lord among our Countryside church family and visiting others.  Again we would like to express our thanks for the ministry of the entire Countryside family to us during our recent visit and as we continue to minister among the Mayo Indian people of Sinaloa, Mexico.

It was a joy to see old friends and get to know the newer people that the Lord has brought into our church family.  We were especially blessed this year to have the opportunity to be with our fellow Countryside missionaries, Roger and Crystal Johansen and their family as they are serving the Lord in Kansas this year.  Pastor Roger will be coming down to preach next Sunday in Mochicahui and serve alongside a short term missions team from Countryside. This will be his first time visiting us in Sinaloa.  Prayerfully sometime we will be able to visit and serve alongside his family in Brazil as well.

During our time in Kansas, I received the special blessing of having the opportunity to proclaim God's Word at Calvary Baptist Church in Valley Center, where I preached for the first time twenty years ago.  Never could we have imagined back then what all the Lord had prepared for us during the coming years.  To Him be the praise and glory!

I am excited to be back in the pulpit this evening at Iglesia BĂ­blica Palabra de Cristo and to see our growing church family here once again.  We are looking forward to a very full week of ministry as we also prepare to receive the Countryside Dental Missions team on Saturday.  The team of ten, including two dentists and one dental hygienist will be helping us to serve our community by providing free dental services as we reach out and build further relationships with those who need to know the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Please pray for their travels, ministry alongside our local church family and resulting fruit for the glory of God!                

One final note of praise.  Recently a young Chinese family opened a small restaurant here in Mochicahui.  We have bought take-out there a few times and just before leaving on our trip we talked about finding out where they live so that we could visit them in their home upon our return since they are always too busy to visit while at work.  Friday night after we got back home we found out that we have new neighbors renting next door - the Chinese family that we had desired to start visiting with upon our return.  So, we are looking forward to building a relationship with them and sharing Christ!

Your fellow servants,

Brian & Danyel