January 8, 2014

Upcoming Brazil Trip

January 8, 2014

2014 is here! Wow.

Thanks so much for participating in the ministry in Brazil by prayer. Continue to rejoice with us with what the Lord is doing. I am leaving tomorrow (January 9th) for a two week visit to Brazil. I will be working with two men graduating from our Bible Institute to become pastors. Also, the church plant that we are currently working on, will ordain Joao de Deus to be one of it's pastors. Praise the Lord for Joao and his family.

Pray for safe travels and that all bags make it. Pray for pastor Bryan and travel mercies as he leaves to participate in the ordination a week later.

Praise the Lord for the vehicle provision while we are there. Transportation is always so difficult. In Brazil, vehicles in general are a lot more expensive, and gas is about six dollars a gallon. We used to have one vehicle for a family of seven. It made for a lot of extra trips; especially on Sundays. Anyhow, we had to sell our vehicle before coming on furlough and God is so good to provide through the Brazilian church a rental for two weeks.

Pray for September, when we go back as a family to Brazil, and our vehicle situation.

Pray that this trip will be an encouragement to all the churches and pastors that we see. There are a lot of plans made and we just want God to be glorified and everyone blessed. Pray for health and strength as I already have a bad ear ache before traveling.

We are excited to see what God will do with this trip. Pray for Crystal and the kids to do well while dad is gone.

Lord bless,
Roger for all