March 6, 2014

Mexico Ministry Update

March 6, 2014
Ministering the Word in Ecuador

February 15-26, I had the privilege of ministering the word of God in Ecuador along with my fellow pastor and friend Mike Summers from Countryside. There was plenty of opportunity for preaching, teaching, and providing biblical counsel as well as being Mike's Spanish speaking voice as he did the same. In addition to preaching in two different churches, a youth event, and a Bible Institute chapel, the primary focus of our time was teaching a four day Bible Conference on the biblical structure of church leadership.

Please pray for the Lord to continue using the Word which was proclaimed to impact the lives of the pastors and members of the congregations in Ecuador.

Transitional Steps for the Church in Mochicahui

On Sunday March 2 our church in Mochicahui  began holding services at our home rather than in the rented facility downtown. This is being done in order to free up resources to be invested in building adequate shelter, a bathroom, and a storage room on the church property so that we can begin holding services at that location. We also need to have electricity installed, but are seeking to negotiate with the local government reduce our portion of the costs which at present will be approximately $1000. The additional posts and needed transformer will also benefit several neighbors.

Thanks for your prayerful and sacrificial participation with us as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ here in Sinaloa, Mexico.

Your fellow servant in Sinaloa,

Brian & Danyel