April 1, 2014

Brazil Ministry Update

April 1, 2014
Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

We have been praying for the salvation of Emanuella for quite a time. She is Lourdes' daughter. Emanuella and her husband Fred had visited the church in the past as well as hosting some Bible studies in their home. Last Sunday, Emanuella came to church and professed to the whole church that she has accepted Jesus as her only Savior. She had put away her Catholic idols a long time ago, because of seeing the teaching in the Word, but she never had made a decision to accept Christ until Sunday. Praise the Lord for her salvation. Now pray for her to grow in the Lord and that God would save her husband Fred.

Praise the Lord for Lucas, Barbara and Junior. They are three young adults that have accepted Christ recently. Pray for Pastor Joao de Deus to have wisdom in leading these new believers to maturity. They plan on having a baptism soon; there are seven people to baptize.

Pray for the salvation of Edson, Edgar and Dalva.

Pastor Joao asks us to remember to continue to pray for the young people in the church to trust God with future mates, and that they would resist the temptation to date unsaved people. Pray for their purity.

Thanks for your prayers and cares,

Roger for all