April 10, 2014

Mexico Ministry Update

April 10, 2014

Mayo Indian Pagan Rituals Resume

As is the case each year as we near the time known as Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday, Mochicahui is filled with the unholy sounds of pagan celebration. Traditional Indian dancers wearing demonic looking masks, with their arms and legs wrapped in seed pods take to the streets with their drums to perform the ancient rituals combined with pagan Catholic ideas. Many cover their heads and backs with scarves containing the image of Mexico's version of the Virgin Mary. The dancers are called "Jews" and supposedly represent the demonicly influenced men who killed Jesus. By it is the dancers who get all the attention and glory.

Sadly many Christians not only lack in their understanding concerning the significance of the dances, but also the Bible's teaching concerning the need to lay aside all idolatry in order to follow Christ. Recently we attended a presentation of the New Testament as it has been translated into the language of the Mayo Indian people. On two occasions during the three hours long event, Mayo Indian dancers were invited to perform one of their ritual dances while the Baptist pastor officiating the event proclaimed that he and the other "Christians" that he represented had no problem with any of the traditional practices within the Mayo Indian culture. Apparently the syncretistic ideas of Catholicism have also greatly infected many churches that claim to be evangelical as well.

Other Items for Prayer & Praise

  • Special Resurrection Sunday service, baptisms, and fellowship. We will be joined by our sister church from Los Mochis and are expecting to host around one hundred and fifty people at our home that day.
  • Progress towards getting electricity and preparing to build a shelter, storage room, and restroom on the church property.
  • Travis Jacobs and Philip Palmer preparing to come down for to serve next month.
  • Expansion of pastoral and leadership training opportunities moving forward.
  • Spiritual growth being evidenced in the lives of believers presently being disciple through weekly Bible studies in their homes.
  • Paulina's biopsy revealed that the deformed bone growth on her face is presently in remission. Thanks so much for assisting her as she continues to receive needed medical care.
  • Our close friend Antonio de la Cruz (Mariana's dad) was recently called to serve as an associate pastor in our sister church in Los Mochis. He will be preaching this coming Sunday in Mochicahui.

Thanks for your continued prayerful and sacrificial participation with us in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ here among the Mayos of Sinaloa, Mexico.

Your fellow servants,
Brian & Danyel