May 21, 2015

Mexico Mission Update

May 21, 2015
Serving our Lord in Sinaloa
-Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ - 

Praising our Lord
- Classrooms Project Progress - 

In March a small group of teens and Youth Pastor Michael Summers from Countryside joined us for a week of ministry and also helped dig the footers for the construction of a building (pictured above) that will serve to facilitate Sunday School classes, Bibles Studies, Prayer meetings, and the Bible Institute and Pastoral Training ministry that is needed not only to assist in the training of leaders for existing churches, but also to prepare men to lead the churches that will be planted in the future.

The building (almost 1100 square feet) contains two rooms and is designed so that the larger room can be divided for multiple Sunday school classes.  Initially window mosquito screens, protections and a secure door can be installed on the smaller room allowing it to also be utilized to securely store such things as chairs and tables until such time when protections can be added on the rest of the building which will only have mosquito screens.  Eventually a concrete floor will also be added to the building.

At this time we are ready to begin the construction of the roof in order that very soon Sunday school classes will be able to take advantage of the shaded space as well as have places to meet during the rainy season.  Once the roof and mosquito screens are completed, evening activities such as our Wednesday evening services will meet there reducing the risk of the Dengue virus which comes during the height of our annual “mosquito season.”

We are very grateful for those who have already joined us and the members of our congregation in Mochicahui in trusting the Lord to provide as we together joyfully sacrifice in order to participate in what the Lord is doing at this time in growing and maturing His people to impact this area with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is much work yet to be done for those who may desire to participate prayerfully, sacrificially, or even come down and personally offer to our Lord a gift of time, strength, skills …. and of course sweat (remember this is Sinaloa) to help us and we seek to bring God glory.         

May the Lord continue to bless your prayers and participation in His work here among the Mayos of northern Sinaloa and beyond.

Your fellow servants,

Brian & Danyel