November 18, 2015

Mexico Ministry Update

November 18, 2015

This weekend we were blessed with the opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our wonderful church family, Countryside, in Olathe KS.  We joined Countryside in 1993 and it was there that the Lord confirmed my calling to pastoral ministry in 1998.  It has now been our joy to serve with Countryside for over 16 years in the ministry of church-planting among the Mayo Indians of Sinaloa.
Over these past couple of months since returning from Brazil, the Lord has blessed our church in Mochicahui with new visitors coming to hear the Word of God.  We have added an adult Sunday school class and monthly youth and young adult activities.  We are also preparing to add new ministries for men and for married couples.  Danyel has a growing ladies Bible study each week and has been blessed have some new teachers becoming involved in the  childrens ministries that she oversees.
One of my joys in ministry has been doing home discipleship studies each week as a part of training men to disciple their own families.  Over this past year it has been great to work with Antonio Bacasegua's family.  He is expected to be confirmed to serve to as deacon later this month.  Over this past year our church has been blessed to have Antonio De La Cruz serving alongside me in a discipleship for ministry capacity.  He is continuing his studies through the Spanish Expositor's Institute (a ministry of the Master´s Seminary and Grace Community Church) while gaining practical ministy experience with pastoral evaluation. 
This past summer we were able to make major advances on the building that will be used to facilitate Sunday School,  pastoral training classes, and other ministies.  While the unfinished building is already being used for Sunday School, we continue to save towards completing the construction with a concrete floor, electrical, doors and window protections.
For most who receive this prayer and praise update, Rebeca Cazarez is a girl who holds a special place in your heart because you have prayed so faithfully for her and her family for these past ten years since she first suffered the effects of a brain tumor during the year she was just entering kindergarten.  After more than 4 months in a coma, multiple surgeries, and a long period of treatment with chemo and radiation, Rebeca returned home to Jahuara where her dad, Norberto, now pastors the church.  The Lord has graciously given us 10 additional years to enjoy our little Rebequita and to watch the Lord grow her faith in Him.  I was given the privilege of assisting Pastor Norberto with her baptism on her 15th birthday ealier this year.  Today we call upon you once again to pray for Rebeca and her family as the tumor has returned and appears to have grown at a very rapid rate.  It is inoperable and quite possibly untreatable by other means.  She has once again been hospitalized in Culiacan, bringing back the many memories of all they we went through together 10 years ago.  Her faith though is strong.  Upon entering her hospital room her first words to me were: uncle Brian the Lord has given me a new trial to help mold me to be like Him.  Whether our Lord chooses to heal her here or in heaven we are trusting in His infinate wisdom and unfathomable grace to Glorify Himself in the outworking of His sovereign plan.   
Again we thank you for serving alongside us through your sacrifices and prayers in the proclamation of the gospel to the Mayos and other Mexicans here in Sinaloa

Your fellow servants,

Brian & Danyel

U.S. cell phones while currently traveling in the U.S. (through Thanksgiving):  Brian(913) 205-2327   Danyel (913) 314-7461