June 19, 2016

New Book By Pastor Michael

June 19, 2016

Surrender: A Christian's Guide to Dependence

By Michael Summers Jr.

"I recently wrote a book for our students at Countryside on the topic of Biblical surrender. The book seeks to explain God's sovereign work as well as the believer's responsibility in surrendering the heart to Christ. It is a simple read (only 6 chapters), relying on Scripture for direction and application. As far as language, it is not "dimmed down" for students, but instead written so that anyone can utilize it.

I have received several questions as to why I would write a book. Here are three simple reasons that drove me to invest in this project.
  1. Writing this book was an act of obedience after much prayer and times of questioning before the Lord.
  2. Fueled by my love for the students at Countryside, this was a means of shepherding their hearts.
  3. It was intended to be a simple resource for counseling, as well as an encouraging means of truth for believers both here at Countryside and abroad. 

I fully understand that every single one of the other pastors at Countryside could have written this exact book with greater precision and deeper theological content. However, by faith, I am trusting that God will use this to accomplish His intentions. In fact, there has been one consistent prayer that God has moved me to pray before, during and after this project was completed: 'Lord, please ONLY use this book in the exact ways that You intend to use it.' By God's grace, I trust that He will utilize it to accomplish a work that He intends only to the exact people He intends it to reach. To Him be the glory."

Pastor Michael's book is available on paperback and ebook format.

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